Tao Wang - Post-doctoral Research Fellow
I am working on aptamer development and related diagnostic and therapeutic applications.  

Tamer Kosbar - Post-doctoral Research Fellow
My research is focused on synthesis of novel modified oligonucleotides.
Bao Tri Le - PhD Student
I am working on developing novel antisense oligonucleotides for tackling solid cancers and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Suxiang "John" Chen - PhD Student
My research is focused on developing novel RNA targeting therapies for tackling Duchenne muscular dystrophy and diabetes.
Madhuri Chakravarthy - PhD Student
My project is to investigate the potential of novel oligonucleotides as therapeutic candidates against neurological diseases.
Kamal Rahimizadez - Exchange PhD Student
I am focused on developing Tissue-specific Aptamers for delivering therapeutic nucleic acids such as antisense oligonucleotides.
Sally Paine - BSc Honours Student
My research is to investigate the potential of novel oligonucleotides as therapeutic candidates against solid cancer.
Milena Fratini - BSc Honours Student
My project is to develop cancer cell-specific aptamer.
Leon Larcher - Research Assistant
My project is to develop novel oligonucleotides as therapeutic candidates against solid cancer.
Svetlana Philippovich - Bsc Honours Student
I am working on developing novel oligonucleotides as therapeutic 
candidates against breat cancer.
  Nabbi Sbuh - Bsc Honours Student
My project focuses on developing novel aptamer against solid cancers.
Leon Larcher
Bsc Honours Student
Michelle Stephen
Bsc Honours Student
Hadi  Shamaileh
Postdoctoral Fellow
Prithi Raguraman
Exchange student
Giana Bastos Gomes
Exchange PhD student

Veedu Group 2013

Veedu Group 2012

From left to right: Alba Natalia Saenz Ponce, Rokhsareh Jowzaghi, Rakesh N. Veedu, Suxiang Chen, Hossam Tayeb, Henry, Ganesh Kokil

From left to right: Suxiang Chen, Antoin Chardon, Astrid Goubet, Rakesh N. Veedu, Martantri Nugrahani, Cheryl Tsan

Other Former Members

Lucile Crouzier

Camille Dubois

Jodi Morrisse

Lasse Lauridsen

Li Zhuo